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Related post: Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 12:36:56 -0800 (PST)
From: Tom Borden
Subject: "My Father, My Son" 41st InstallmentThis is Chapter 41, a continuation of "My Father, My Son." All of the
conditions, warnings, and disclaimers listed at the beginning of the group preteen porn
chapters of this series apply. All comments are welcome, constructive or
destructive, and will be responded to.Send to: Tom Borden,
My Father, My Son
Chapter 41Dan stepped out of the shower and Luke began taking off his clothes.
Looking at Steve, he said, "Hope you don't mind, Steve. ls preteens studio Dan and I like to
get naked. It's a lot more comfortable to sit around naked. I hate
clothes. How about you, Steve. Why don't you get out of them duds. If
you're gonna spend the evening with us, you don't want to just sit there
and look strange, do you?"As Steve watched Luke remove his shirt, and then his jeans, foto preteen model the sight of
Luke's emerging nakedness almost made him feel dizzy. As soon as Dan
stepped into the room, Luke grabbed both of his ass checks with his two
hands. "Hey, Steve, aren't these the sweetest little buns you ever saw?
Come on, Dan, get down on that bed."Dan lay on his stomach and Luke spread his ass cheeks apart and ran his
finger over the pucker. "Look at that tight little hole, Steve. See it
snapping away at my finger. That little hole has given me one of the best
fucks I've ever had. Come on, Steve, get out of them clothes. When I'm
through fucking preteens hot nasty that hole, it'll be your chance."Steve thought, yes, he would like a crack at him. In fact, he'd like a
crack at both of them. As Luke turned Dan over and pushed his legs up in
the air and then mounted him, Steve couldn't take his eyes off of Luke's
enormous tool slowly pushing its way into Dan's asshole. Without hardly
thinking about it, Steve began tearing at the buttons on his shirt. It was
not long girlies preteen net before he was completely naked and lying propped up on one elbow
watching intently as Luke began pistoning his penis in and out of Dan's
hole. He had never seen a penis with so many erotic bulging veins circling
around it.Dan winked as he reached over and ran his hand over Steve's chest and
pinched one of his nipples. As he watched Dan getting fucked, Steve
returned the favor running his own hand over Dan's strong pecs and stomach.
He watched Luke's ass, with its large round ass cheeks rising and falling.
He couldn't resist running his hand over them and letting his fingers sweep
down into the thick hair in the trench that separated them. Luke was
breathing heavily now and, between gasps, he said, "That feels so good,
buddy. Go deeper. It feels so good."Steve pushed his finger deeper through the thicket of hair until it reached
Luke's asshole. It felt hot and moist. As he ran his finger over it, Luke
murmured, "Oh, God!" Steve pushed his finger harder and felt it begin to
slide into Luke's asshole, at which Luke went, "Ooooooo!" Deeper and
deeper Steve pushed his finger, and louder and louder came Luke's cries.Suddenly, Steve could feel the rim of Luke's hole begin to clench tightly
around his finger, over and over, and with real pics preteens a growling roar, Luke entered
full force into his orgasm as surge after surge of his sperm shot into
Dan's rectum. The muscles in Luke's strong back waved and rippled at each
thrust of his penis. Every muscle in his legs had become taut and firm.
Steve leaned over and the preteen slut ran his tongue over the soft hair on the back of
Luke's legs. He had had sexual encounters with men before, but he had
never before become so intimate with a man's body. And he had never felt a
state of sexual excitement like this before.Luke rolled over onto his back with his eyes closed and continued to try to
catch his breath. Finally, he said, "Okay, Stevey, boy. You can have at
him. He's all yours now."Steve looked at Dan in a questioning way. Dan smiled and continued to hold
his legs up. He just said, "Okay, Steve. Please."This was the moment Steve had been waiting for and had feared might never
come. As he got up on his knees and prepared to mount him, Dan looked up
at him and said, "Steve, just stay there like you are for a minute. I want
to look at you. Ever since I saw your body the other day after you came
out of the shower, I wanted to look at it again, and I wanted to touch it."
As Dan ran his hands over Steve's chest and stomach, he said, "Steve,
before you start, please lean over here and kiss me."Steve flattened himself out over Dan's body, and they kissed for several
minutes very deeply and passionately. Then Dan said, "I want you inside of
me, Steve. Please fuck me hard and deep. I've dreamt about this."Steve rose up and, holding Dan's legs, he pushed his gorged penis into
Dan's waiting hole. There korean preteens nude
was a squishing sound as Luke's sperm began to
ooze out around Steve's hard penis. Steve had often imagined what it would
be like to hold on to Dan's legs and push his penis into his body. It had
been a recurring dream ever since he had met Dan.Luke watched carefully as Steve's hard rod disappeared into Dan's rectum.
He ran his hand over Steve's firm ass cheeks as Steve slowly began to pump
in and out. Dan stared into Steve's face with a look of desire that Steve
found so erotic. They never stopped preteen skirt models
looking into each eyes as Steve began
pounding harder and harder. Luke kept murmuring, "Fuck that hole, fuck
that hole!"Steve wanted it to last as long as possible, but could now feel that
unmistakable twinge taking over his insides and knew that he couldn't hold
it long. It was no use. Steve let out several loud grunts as he felt the
sperm surging up through his penis and out into Dan's rectum. It was the
"mother" of all orgasms, he thought, as he pounded his pelvis down on Dan's
ass with every surge.When it was over, Dan said, "Don't pull out yet! Just stay there inside of
me and please kiss me."Steve did his best, while very out of breath, to stay inside of Dan as he
leaned over and kissed Dan. As Luke looked on, all he could say was "Wow,
wow."Rolling off of Dan, Steve lay exhausted between him and Luke. As he tried
to regain his normal breathing, he said, "I'm too old for this."Luke said, "No you're not. You probably just had the best fuck you ever
had in your life. The best fucks can really wear you out."After a few minutes, Luke said, "Well?"Dan said, "Well, what?""Well, you know," said Luke."I don't know what you mean, Luke," said Dan innocently.In kind of a little-boy voice, Luke said, "Well, you know, how about me?'Dan said, "I still don't know what you mean." Dan knew that Luke wanted to
take a cock up pre teen pantiehose
his own ass art preteens naked just like he thought he had the other night.
But Dan thought he'd tease him a little bit first. "What is it you want,
Luke? I can't for the life of me figure out what you're talking about!""Well, God damn it . . . you know . . . the other night! Come on, Dan!""Well, let's see," said Dan. "You gave me a good fucking that night. Is
that what you're talking about?""Yeah! I mean, no! You know . . . you did some fucking that night, too."Dan thought he'd better not drag this out. "Oh, I know! That time you
took my cock up your ass.""Well, yeah. That time!""That sure was great, Luke. Are you telling me you'd like that again?""Well . . . you know. If you want to do that again, I guess I'll let you.""Boy, I'm sure glad you're altbinaries preteen models not going to make me beg you! Okay. Get over
here. It was from naked preteen bbs
behind the last time. Let's do it face to face this
time.""Well, if you really want to do it, you can do it anyway you want," said
Luke as he lay on his back and pulled his legs as high preteen megan model in the air as he
could. Turning to Steve, he said, "You know, Dan loves this, and I guess
I've got to let him do it. It's only fair."As Dan mounted Luke, preteens legs spread
he winked again at Steve, who was aware that Luke was
being teased. Luke closed his eyes and looked as if he was putting himself
into a trance. This was obviously something that he had come to want very
much. Looking down on Dan's sensuous body as it was slowly moving up and
down on top of Luke, he could see a long stream of cum running out from
between Dan's ass cheeks and running down his leg. He knew it was a
mixture of both his and Luke's cum.Luke soon began moaning quietly and very gently moving his hips in rhythm
with Dan's strokes in and out. It was obvious that this was a new activity
that Luke was now into in a big way, thanks to being semi-fisted earlier by
Dan. Dan finally said, "I think I'm going to cum now."Luke opened his eyes and pleaded, "No, not yet! Please keep going!"Dan stopped fucking so as to hold off, and said, "Say Pretty Please, Luke."Luke, now realizing that he was being teased, shouted, "Pretty Please!"Dan resumed his in and out motion as slowly as he could. But he could feel
himself cumming anyway. "I can't hold it, Luke!"Dan let himself go as his sperm shot into Luke's rectum. Steve had mini preteen modells already
cum, but the sight of the first orgasm that he had seen Dan have was too
much for him. As Dan stiffened up during his orgasm, Steve stroked his own
penis just a few times, and shot another load, a little more watery than
before, but just as much. He aimed it at Dan's buns and had a direct hit.
He then leaned over and lapped up all his own semen.Steve, Dan, and Luke were soon lying on their backs next to one another and
doing their best to catch their breath. Luke finally said, "Damn, Steve.
I didn't get to get into photography art preteen your pretty little ass yet. When you were fucking
Dan, I had a good look at those sweet little balls of flesh you've got back
there. Whether or not you know it, they're just crying out to get fucked.
Maybe tomorrow.""Well, we'll see," Steve answered. He really preteen ls magazin wanted to get fucked. He
hadn't gotten it since he left New England. And he'd like to take Luke's
enormous tool up his ass, but he also had wanted Dan to get inside of pre teen masterbation him.
Well, tomorrow was another day!
Jeff and Paul met at Paul's car after work in the parking lot for their
usual ride home together. Paul said, "Well, how were your classes today?""Paul, I'm so happy. I got A's on both of those two papers I had been
working on for the past week!"After they were both in the car, Paul leaned over and kissed Jeff. "That's
not so amazing, my love. I wouldn't expect anything less from you. You're
just the best . . . the best in everything you do!""Well, I worry sometimes about the fact that I don't have anyplace to go
but downhill.""That's nonsense!" said Paul. "You're just too bright a student to ever go
down hill. preteens litle pussy Let's stop for a drink and celebrate the two A's. We haven't
been out for a drink since God knows when. Why don't we stop over at the
Nest and see what's cooking over there. Maybe there'll be free under preteen some new scenery
there to look at. We haven't been there in a long time.""Yeah, let's go!"Once inside the Nest and when their eyes became accustomed to the gloom,
Jeff and Paul found a table near the bar. Paul said, "Hey, Jeff, look at
that little queen standing there at the bar wiggling his cute little ass at
that old chicken hawk sitting at the bar.""Yeah," said Jeff. "There seems to be almost no one but old crones and
chicken hawks in here this afternoon."When the bartender, who everyone called Becky, swished over to their table,
Paul ordered two beers. "Say, Becky, who's that kid trying to put the make
on that old man over there? He's kind of cute.""Oh, him!" said Becky with a flourish of his hand. "He's a little bar
hustler. He hasn't been coming in here long. He likes to get fucked, and
he rarely fails to leave here without some old fart toddling along behind
him.""Have you ever had him yourself, Becky?" asked Jeff."Yeah, only once . . . out in the back room one day. His asshole's like a
cave. You could put your leg in it and still have room. For a little
fucker, he's got an asshole that won't stop."After the two beers were delivered, Jeff looked up and said, "Paul! Look
over there at the other side of the room. Isn't that Adriano sitting there
alone?""Yeah. I wonder what he doing here. Let's go over and join him."As they sat down, Adriano said, "Gee, it's good to see you guys. I'm
getting kind of lonely here alone."Jeff could see that Adriano had tears in his eyes. "Adriano, what's wrong,
guy?""Oh, it's Charlie.""Is he alright?" asked Paul"Sure, he's alright. I just kicked him out last night, and this morning he
quit his job at the lab."Jeff put his hand on Adriano's arm. "I'm sorry, Adriano. I didn't realize
there was any problem between the two of real preteen nudist
you.""Well, there was. Charlie, it seems, doesn't believe in relationships. He
wants to be a free agent. I guess that's why he likes to get on his
motorcycle and speed through the hills with the wind blowing through his
hair.""Did he tell you he preteen angels horny
wanted to get away?" asked Paul."No. He was happy enough I guess to have a place to crash that was already
paid for and to have that low-paying job to cover his beer and cigarettes.
I found out that Charlie likes to play the field, with no restraints.
There have been plenty nude amateur preteens of nights when he never came home, and he'd miss
work without calling in. And twice I came home early and found him in our
bed fucking some little queen. I finally had it out with him last night,
and all he said was that he thought I was being unreasonable. He gave no
indication that he was sorry or that he would stop being that way. He just
acted defiant. So that was it. I told him to pick up his little bag 10 year preteenz of
belongings and clear out. And he did. And he acted happy about nubile preteen girl it."Paul and Jeff sat on either side of Adriano and put both their arms around
his shoulders. Jeff said, "I want naked lesbien preteens
to give you a hug, Adriano." Jeff
turned and took Adriano in his arms and kissed him on the cheek and
forehead." Would you like to come and stay with us at our place for a few
nights? It might not be too good for you to stay alone after this.""No," said Adriano kissing Jeff and turning to kiss Paul, also. "You guys
are the best friends anybody could have in the real preteen
world. But I'll be okay.
The sooner I get used to being there alone preteen model daphne without him, the better.
Anyway, it's all for the best. We had some good times together, but under
the circumstances, there was no way it could last."Jeff said, "Why don't we all go out to dinner tonight. There's that great
seafood place down in San Marcos on the highway to San Antonio. I just
think you need to be with friends this evening, Adriano. We'll have a few
drinks and maybe a lobster for dinner. Okay?"The tears started coming to Adriano's eyes again. He could suddenly feel
the warmth envelop him that true friendship always brings. He pulled both
Jeff and Paul close to him. "You guys! Oh, you guys! What would I do
without you!"
The next morning after breakfast, Noah met Enrique just coming out of his
room. Enrique said, "Hey Noah, come on in here a minute."They sat on the side of the bed and fucking for preteens hugged each other. preteen 12 sexy "I thought we could
see each other more often, Ricky, now that I'm staying here at the ranch,"
said Noah. "Michael said he was sure there would be a preteens rusian way we could be
together. But I'm staying in a room with my dad, and you sleep here with
Jake. I wish there was a way.""I know," sighed Enrique as he kissed Noah all over his face."The other night my dad was in Michael's room for a long time. I guess
they were glad to see preteens nude toplist each other after so long, and I guess they were
getting re-acquainted.""Was Karl in with them," asked Enrique."No. Karl came in and stayed with me the whole time. I think I should
tell you, Ricky, that we were in bed together.""Did he do anything with you?""Yeah, we did. He's so nice, and very handsome.""I know, but you know Michael and Karl have sort of a rule that they won't
do anything with anyone else unless they're both together.""Really? preteen nymphet nude My dad said ppreteen babes that he and Michael didn't do anything but talk and
kind of laid around together in bed.""Wow. I guess Karl's breaking the promise they made to each other," said
Enrique. "Anyway, I'll talk to Jake and see if there's some way you and I
can be together alone for awhile somewhere. He talked to me about you, and
I think he understands how we feel about each other, and he's okay with it.
I have to get going now and start my chores, and then get at my homework
for Monday. I'll see preteen models movies
you at lunch, okay?"After Enrique and Noah left the room, Jake came out of the bathroom. He
realized that Enrique didn't know he was in there. He sat down for a few
minutes and thought about Michael. He thought, "So Karl is playing around
again. Damn! Poor Michael! He jist don't deserve such fuckin' shitty
treament."Noah spent the morning reading and finishing his homework. In the
afternoon, he went outside to preteen 6 nude just sit in the Gazebo and relax."Hey, Noah, how you doing?" Noah looked preteen boys forum
up to see Karl walking up the
steps."Hi, Karl.""Noah, I wanted to talk to you about the other night. I don't think it
would be a good idea to tell anybody what we did. Let's just keep that
between us."Noah didn't know what to say, and said nothing."You know, Noah, you're a nice boy, and I hope you enjoyed the other night
as preteen old models
much as I did. Has anybody told preteen open pussy you what a handsome young man you are?"Noah still didn't know how to answer that. As he stood up, he said, "Karl,
I was about to go and look for Enrique. Would you excuse me?"Noah thought that Enrique might be in the hay barn and headed that way.
Karl remained seated and eyed Noah as he went in. He knew that Enrique was
actually over in the horse barn. Karl stood up and slowly walked to the
hay barn. He stood in the entrance watching Noah as he looked around for
Enrique."Noah, I guess Enrique isn't here, is he," said Karl in a low tone. As
Noah started to leave, Karl took him gently by the arm. "Noah, come on
over here and sit on this bale here and talk to me naturist pictures preteen for a few minutes."
When they sat down next to each other, Karl said, "Noah, you know, that was
a wonderful time we had the other night. I really like you. Wouldn't you
like to do that again? No one has to know. It would just be between you
and me. Huh?"Well, I don't know. I heard that you and Michael . . . .""Oh, Noah, Michael and I are just fine. We had an agreement that whatever
happens, happens. We can just have a little fun by ourselves. No one has
to know." Karl took Noah's face in his hands and kissed him gently.
"Please, Noah, we can just climb up that ladder and be up there in the hay
loft. We'd be all alone."Karl put his hand on Noah's crotch. Rubbing gently, he could feel Noah's
penis getting hard. Standing up and taking Noah by the hand, they walked
slowly over to the ladder.Noah hesitated. "Oh, I don't know. I don't think we should . . . .""Now you climb on up first, and I'll be right behind you."When they were both lying in the hay out of sight over by the far wall,
Karl slowly undid Noah's buttons and carefully undressed him, laying his
clothes in a neat pile next to them. Noah was fully erect and watched Karl
as he stripped off all of his clothes. Lifting Noah's legs and running his
tongue down the full length of one of them, he moved his face into Noah's
ass crack. He filled it with saliva and then mounted him. Noah took hold
of Karl's shoulders and said, "Karl, please. We shouldn't . . . ."In a few minutes, Enrique came into the barn looking for a pitch fork so he
could replenish the horse stalls with hay. He thought he heard voices.
Standing very still, he could tell they were coming from the hayloft. It
sounded like Karl's voice. He stood way back up on a hay bale and looked,
but could see nothing. Something was wrong, he thought. Why would he be
hearing Karl's voice talking so softly up on the hayloft? Enrique quietly
and slowly climbed the ladder, hoping to get a glimpse of what it was.
Then, over the mound of hay in front of him, preteen legal nide he saw the two cheeks of a
bare ass humping. Inching up just a little, he could see the whole scene.
Karl was fucking Noah in the hay.Scampering down the ladder, he knew they hadn't seen him. He didn't know
what to do. Everything in his head seemed to be spinning around. How
could Noah do this? How could Karl do this? He walked slowly out of the
barn toward his room. Just then, Michael called to him."Enrique! Have you porno preteen pictures
seen Karl? He has a telephone call."Enrique's mouth went dry. All he could do was to point back at the barn
and utter, "In there."As Enrique ran to his room, Michael walked into the barn. He didn't see
Karl anywhere, but suddenly he heard Karl's voice saying, "Noah, that was
so good. Your asshole is so nice and tight. Now, fuck me really hard,
Noah. Fill me up with all that sweet juice of yours."Michael felt his head spinning. He sat down for pubescent preteen sluts
a preteens nud asian moment to regain his
equilibrium. He thought, "Was that really Karl? Of course it was Karl.
What am I going to do?" Getting up, his legs felt weak, and they felt like
lead weights. But he hentei preteen walked as fast as he could into the house, brushing
past Tony in the kitchen and then into his room. He threw himself down on
the bed. He couldn't believe this was happening. All he wanted to do was
to get away. With his thoughts racing through his head, he blindly couple sex teen threesome took a
suitcase from his closet and began throwing things into it. Then, closing
it, with his legs still feeling as though he had to drag them along with
him, he walked through the kitchen.Tony said, "Michael? Where are you going?""Oh, I'm just going to take a trip.""But, Michael," Tony shouted after him. "Where are you going? Where will
you be?"Michael threw the suitcase into the backseat of his car and drove off. He
didn't know where exactly he would go. When he got to the main road, he
turned off on the highway to San Antonio. Maybe he would go to see kinky teen porn pics Corky
and Mark. No. He didn't want to see anyone. Getting onto I-410, he drove
along the eastern and northern perimeter preteen art list of San Antonio. Seeing the
airport, he drove in and preteen girls sluts parked in the long-term parking garage. Taking
his suitcase in hand he went into the terminal and stopped at the ticket
agent for preteen flowers nude Mexican Airways."Yes, sir. May I help you?""Yes, please, ma'am. Do you have any seats available on the next flight to
Acapulco?""You don't have a ticket?""No.""Well, just let me check. One moment. The next flight leaves at 4:17
p.m., but it's full. Let's see now. There's another flight to Acapulco at
5:28, and I see there is one seat left. Would you like it?""Yes please.""Are you checking one bag?"No, I'm carrying it with me.""May I see a picture I.D. please?The agent asked several more questions, but Michael was hardly paying
attention, and she had to repeat them."Here you are, Sir. You're in seat 17D. Boarding will be at 4:58 at Gate
F-22. Have a nice flight.""Thank you."Michael went through security and sat waiting at the gait. "What am I
doing?" he thought. "I've got to get away. I can't go back there. I'm
being so stupid. No, I'm not. I just don't want to see anyone."On the plane, Michael was seated in his aisle seat nest to an older woman
and a young woman who he thought were probably mother and daughter. They
were soon in the air, and Michael leaned his head back and closed his eyes.
Following their evening out with Adriano, Jeff and Paul drove him picture preteens hard home."You're sure you don't want someone to stay with you, or maybe come and
stay at our place for awhile?" said Jeff."No, you guys. You go on. I'll be fine." Kissing them both on the cheek,
Adriano got out of the car and said, "I can't thank you enough for spending
your evening with me. You've been so nice to me. I want you to know it's
really helped me and done me a lot of good to have you with me.""We love you, Adriano. Goodnight. Call us anytime if you need to talk.
We'll be there."When they finally got to bed, Paul rolled over tightly against Jeff and
kissed him. "I feel so sorry for poor Adriano. There's no better person
in the world. I have to admit that I was worried when he took up with that
motorcycle guy. He just wasn't right. He didn't deserve Adriano. I think
I'm really glad that guy left. With Adriano's nasty preteen sex looks and great personality,
he'll find someone who's right for him."After lying quietly for a long time, Jeff said, "I know you want to go to
sleep, Paul, and so do I. But something's been gnawing at me.""What's that?""You know when we banned sites preteen
were down at the ranch awhile back, we met those two guys
from New England. They're a couple of terrific looking guys, and both very
nice. But there's something that worries me. What brought them all the
way down here from New England? They supposedly didn't know each other,
but yet they both arrive around the same time. I just wonder what they're
up to."Paul laughed. "Maybe they're not 'up to' anything, Jeff. Maybe it was
just coincidence that they're from the same place and arrive at about the
same time. It does seem kind of strange, though."Jeff said, "I just have this feeling Dad doesn't know enough about them.
They seem to have the run of the place. I just have a funny feeling about
them.""Well, Jeff, if you'd like, why don't we go down there next weekend, and
you can talk to Michael and japan preteen sexy Karl about it," said Paul. "I'm preteens girl pictures sure there
must be a perfectly preteen picture nude
good explanation.""Damn it, Paul. Dad just opens up his arms, so to speak, to anyone who
wants to come there. Now he's got his old friend, Caleb, and his son
staying there in the house. Dad was a childhood friend of Caleb, but he
doesn't sex preteen movie really know anything about him now. But they're sleeping right
down the hall preteen model names from dad, and they can come and go as they please. I just
wish dad wouldn't be so damned trusting of everyone and be a little thai preteen pedo more
careful who he lets hang out down there. You never know these days about
people who just come drifting in with big smiles on their faces."Paul kissed both of Jeff's eyes and let Jeff's long eyelashes tickle his
lips. "Don't worry about it tonight, my love. Right now it's american preteen pussy just you and
me. Hold onto me, and let's go to sleep.""I love you, Paul. Sleep tight."
Michael had fallen into a fitful sleep, but was awakened by a powerful
smell. Opening his eyes, he could see that the two women next to him were
eating something wrapped in a tortilla. As he looked at them eat, the
woman said, "Would you like some? We have an extra one.""No, thank you.""You're American," said the woman. "Are you on vacation?""Yes.""My name is Aleta Martinez. This is my daughter, Maria. We were in facial pre teen San
Antonio visiting my sister. But we don't get along too well, so I'm glad
to be going home.Michael closed his eyes sexy preteen directory again, hoping the woman would see that he wanted to
sleep. Soon he was awakened again by a flight attendant announcing,
"Please straighten your seatbacks and put up your tray tables. We will be
landing at Acapulco Alvarez International in approximately five minutes."Michael could see that it was dark out preteen jailbait and, looking at his watch, he
noticed that it was 11:00 p.m. After disembarking, he walked through the
terminal to the taxi stand outside.Climbing into a waiting taxi, he said, "Se¤or, Caleta Beach, Hotel Playa
Caleta, por favor." Some years earlier, when Jeff was very young, they had
taken several family vacations to Acapulco, and this was the hotel they
always loved most. It was not located on the ocean side of the city, but
on the large, beautiful inland beach, called Caleta, with a breathtaking
view of the mountains beyond the water.Michael found that there were no rooms available, but there would be a room
opening up the next day. Rather than go teen sex porn samples
to another hotel, he settled in on
a large comfortable chair in the lobby. He felt overwhelmingly tired and
knew he could sleep there comfortably. And sleep he did, holding his small
suitcase on his lap. When he awoke, it was 8:00 a.m., and the lobby was a
buzz of activity. A long line waited at the check-out counter. He felt
dirty and sweaty. Rubbing his hand over the stubble that was now appearing
on his face, he hoped that he would soon be given a room so he could shower
and shave. He hated to be unshaven.Taking his suitcase with him, he went into the dining room for some
breakfast. He really didn't feel hungry, even though he had had no supper
the night before. But he ordered coffee and an English muffin. As he ate,
he thought about what he had done. No one knew where he was. That was not
a good thing to do . . . to go off and not let anyone know where he was
going. He knew that when his son, Jeff, found out he was gone, he would
worry, and probably be angry. He should have at least called Jeff. But
there was no way he could stay there at the ranch. He felt so cowardly,
leaving so that he wouldn't have to face Karl. Facing Karl after that
horrible discovery was something that he couldn't do. He would have had to
have a show-down with him. But confrontations were something he hated and
could never do.Finishing his coffee, Michael had a terrible urge come over him to have a
cigarette. He had smoked in college, but quit on his graduation day. He
never missed smoking after that, but now he suddenly felt that he needed a
cigarette. To smoke a cigarette before taking exams in school always
calmed him. Maybe it would do the trick again.After leaving the dining room, he registered at the desk and went to his
room. He had a beautiful view of the water and the mountains, just like he
remembered from his previous trips. He stood in the shower and, washed his
crotch, his balls and his penis. Always when he did that, he would get a
hard-on, and would usually have a good soapy jerk-off. preteen age porn But this time,
nothing happened. His penis stayed completely soft. After shaving, he
realized he had brought with him only one other short sleeve shirt that preteen model lily was
presentable. He put it on and washed in the basin the shirt that he had
slept in and hung it up to dry over the shower bar.Back down in the lobby, he purchased a pack of cigarettes. In the display
case were packages of the same brand of English cigarettes that Karl had
occasionally smoked. But he decided on an American brand. He walked out
on the large upper-level patio overlooking the beach and sat down. He lit
up preteens legally nude
and waited for that calmness he had hoped for to overtake him. But it
tasted terrible and it had an unpleasant bite as he inhaled. He smoked
about half preteen in speedos
of it and put it out. Getting up to walk over to the railing,
he felt dizzy and disoriented. He decided to go back to the room, and on
the way, he chucked the remainder of the pack into a trash can.
Back at the ranch, Tony became concerned when he realized that Michael had
not returned and had not been at the house during the night. Karl came
into the kitchen in his robe, asking about Michael."Tony, when I model preteen runway
went to bed last night, Michael wasn't there," said Karl,
rubbing his eyes. "I thought maybe he was out and about doing something.
But I just woke up a few minutes ago and realized he hadn't come to bed at
all. Do you know where he is, Tony?""Karl, I guess I should have said something yesterday afternoon, but I
thought everyone knew what he was doing. I saw him leave with a suitcase
in his hand. He just got in the car and drove away. He looked terrible.
He didn't look like himself."Karl looked outside and saw that Michael's car was gone. "I can't
understand that. He didn't say anything to me about going anywhere." Karl
rushed back to his room to get dressed.
After Enrique had seen Karl and Noah in the hayloft and ran back to his
room, he thought that he had never felt so miserable in his life. The next
morning, he was slow in getting up. "Jake, I don't want to nn preteens blogs go out to work
today.""Hey, little fucker, what's the matter. You sick?"Enrique told Jake what he had seen the afternoon before. Jake admitted
that he had overheard Enrique and Noah talking that morning. Jake became
furious. He said, wombat preteen model "If Michael hears about this, it'll kill him."Enrique said, "I'm sure preteen hot list
he pages preteen fuck knows, Jake. After I saw them, Michael asked me
where Karl was, and I told him he was in the barn. Then I saw Michael go
over there and go in."Jake put on his hat brazilian preteen porn and said, "I'm gonna go talk to Michael.""Jake, maybe you ought to stay out of it. It's something just between
Michael and Karl."Jake sat down next to Enrique on the bed. "Ricky, somethin' you shoulda
reelized a long time preteen schooling
ago about me, Michael is family to me. I knowed him
since beautiful preteen tgp
he was a little shit runnin' around here. He's always been like a
son to me. No tellin' what he's feelin' right now. He's gonna need
someone to talk to. Now you got chores to do, Ricky. Ya better index preteen jpg git at
'em. Go on now!"As they both walked out the door, Jake went over to the house. Walking
into the kitchen, he said, "Hey, Tony. I need to see Michael. Is he
around?"Tony was sitting at the kitchen table staring out the window. "Oh, Jake,
Michael's gone.""What dya mean, gone?""Well, he ran in here yesterday afternoon, looking all upset, and into his
room. Then he came out with a suitcase in his hand and went out to his car
and drove away.""Didn't he come back?" asked Jake."No, he hasn't been back since then. I'm really worried.""Christ, Tony! Why the fuck didn't ya stop him!"Tony said, "How could I stop him!""Where's Karl?" Jake shouted."He's in his room getting dressed."Jake turned and went down the hall. xxx foreign preteen Bursting open the door, he found Karl
sitting on the bed, half dressed. When Karl saw Jake, he stood up.""You son-of-a-bitch!" shouted Jake. With one swing of his arm, he hit Karl
across the side of the head, knocking him to the floor."What the hell are you doing!" shouted Karl."You son-of-a-bitch!" repeated Jake. "You smart-ass New Yorker come down
to this ranch and git yerself into Michael's bed and git half the ownership
of this fuckin' ranch away from him, and then ya fuck him over with yer
fuckin' New preteens art model York ways!""What are ya talkin' about?" screamed Karl."Fer yer fuckin' information, Mr. fuck-anybody-ya-feel-like, Michael knows
all about yer playin' around with Noah."Karl sat up, holding preteen costume model his head. "Oh my God!""Michael doesn't deserve a fuck-head like you. He left here yesterday, and
nobody knows where he is, thanks to you, you fuckin' bastard." Jake leaned
over and swung again at Karl, hitting him on the other side of the head and
knocking him flat on the floor. "Now I'm gonna find out where he is, and
when we git him back, me and you is gonna have a fuckin' contest as to who
stays and who goes. And I guarantee ya, it ain't gonna be me what goes!"As Jake stormed out of the room, Karl could feel terrible pains shooting
through his head. He hoisted himself onto the bed. Just then, Tony came
into the room."Oh, Karl, is there anything I can do for you." Tony was unaware of Karl's
dalliances with Noah. He sat on the side of the bed and brushed the hair
up off of Karl's forehead. Karl's eyes were red and teary. Tony thought
about how long it had been since he sat and caressed Karl, his former
lover."Tony," said Karl, hardly able to speak. "I want to die, Tony."Tony leaned down and kissed Karl on the cheek. "No, no you don't. Michael
will come back, and then everything will be okay.""No it won't. Do you want to go back to New York with me, Tony?"Tony could see a small cut on one of Karl's temples. "What happened? Did
Jake do that? What's the matter, Karl? Please don't cry." Tears started
coming into Tony's eyes also as he leaned down and hugged Karl and kissed
him again."Jake went to the kitchen and picked up the phone to call Jeff. Jeff needed
to know. "Jeff, this is Jake. Yer dad has disappeared, and we don't know
where he went to. I thought I should let ya know.""What do you mean, he's disappeared?""Well, Jeff, he apparently was very upset about somethin' yesterday, and
jist got in his car and drove away. And he had a fuckin' suitcase with
him.""Didn't he tell anybody where he was going?""No, I guess he ain't told nobody. He jist left and didn't come back last
night.""Don't you have any idea why he left?" asked Jeff."Yeah, Jeff, I think I favorite preteen nudes do, and pre teen softcore
I'll explain when I see ya."
Michael suddenly felt very tired and went back to his room to lie down for
awhile. He slept soundly and when he woke about 7:00 p.m., he felt quite
refreshed. He washed his face and brushed his teeth and went down again to
the lobby. There was a large cabana night club, called the Bali Club,
attached to the lower lever of the hotel. It was completely open to the
beach and the cool breezes blew in off the water. Michael thought he would
go down there and have a drink and something to eat.The seating was in tiers around a small dance floor, next to preteen bodies cute which was a
band stand where a Mexican orchestra was playing. Michael sat at a table
alone near the open side of the Cabana so he could look out over the beach
and the water. He ordered a triple Scotch on the rocks. He noticed the
band leader, who also sang. He was Mexican, of course, with beautiful
black hair that fell down over his forehead. He was dressed all in white
. . . white Bermuda shorts, a white, collared, short-sleeve shirt
unbuttoned far enough down to reveal a well-formed hairless chest. Against
his preteen webcam stories dark skin, his teeth shown white and brilliant as he smiled. When he
sang, he had a velvety voice that sounded so intimate and passionate.
Michael found it hard to take his eyes off him.Michael asked the nice preteen butts
waiter who the band leader was."His name is Francisco Guevara. He's not Mexican. He's an Argentinian.
He and his band are up here from Puerto Vallarta. That's where galleries preteens underwear they play
mostly. But we get them here about two or three times a preteen nackt toplist year for a couple
of weeks." The cum underage preteen waiter looked at Michael with wry smile and leaned close
into him. "Would you like preteen behavior problem me to introduce you to him between shows?""No, no. I was just wondering."As Michael sipped on his second triple Scotch on the rocks, there seemed to
be preteen boy erect
nothing on his mind but the beauty of this man, Francisco. His
perfectly shaped legs, his narrow hips, his animated motions, the way his
hair flopped around as he tossed his head while he sang, the slight
undulation of his body as he moved. Michael felt an almost overpowering
desire for him. Francisco would occasionally look his way, and Michael was
certain that he was looking straight at him.Michael kept saying to himself that he wanted yo preteen naked
Francisco. He didn't care.
He was free. It was now his right to have this man if he could. He sat
through three complete shows, and when the last show was over, Francisco
and his band left the stage and disappeared. The patrons were now
beginning to leave, and the waiter came to deliver Michael's check. As the
waiter disappeared for a few moments to check Michael's credit card,
Michael sat, almost in a daze, wondering why he spent the past several
hours staring at that beautiful image on the stage, which was now gone as
though it were an hallucination that had just evaporated.Getting up from the table, Michael wandered out on the beach and found a
beach chair He was feeling romantic, and didn't know why. He sat and
looked up at a full moon and listened to the island preteen
gentle rush of the waves as
they ran up onto the beach. He felt that if he could just close his eyes
and die right there, he would teen porn modle be happy.Down the beach, he saw three people walking along. It was Francisco with
two of the girl singers walking with him. explicit young preteen As he watched them, fuck preteen girl Francisco
looked his way and stopped. Leaving the girls, Francisco, now bare footed,
slowly walked toward japanese nonnude preteen Michael. Michael was sure he could feel his heart
skipping a beat. He sat very still and watched as those two beautiful legs
carried Francisco closer and closer.Then standing over Michael and looking down at him, Francisco said, "I saw
you tonight at the show. You were alone, no? I was hoping that I would
see you again."Michael's heart now felt as though it had stopped altogether. Still not
moving, Michael looked up and watched as Francisco leaned over and kissed
him on the lips. Was this a dream? The feel of Francisco's soft warm lips
on his own told him it was not."Please," said preteen little women Francisco softly, foto nude preteens
"what is your name?""Michael."Francisco took Michael's hand gently in his own and pulled. "Come on,
Michael, let's walk down the beach together. I love the balmy night air
blowing off the water. Come porn comics preteen on. Walk with me."Without taking his eyes off of Francisco's face, Michael rose up, and they
both started down the beach, which was now deserted. They talked about
themselves, who they were, where they were from . . . and they began
talking about romance. Francisco soon stopped and kissed Michael again.Francisco pointed to the large hotel just ahead of them. "That is the
hotel I'm staying at while I'm here in Acapulco. Hotel de las America.
You'll come up to my room, no? Please. I want to love you, Michael.
Please."Michael put his arms around Francisco and said, "Oh, yes, yes, yes!"
This is Chapter 41 of "My Father, My Son." If you are still with me on
this story, please write. I will try to respond to everyone.Tom Borden
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