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Related post: Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 14:49:11 -0700 (PDT)
From: rimpigfl
Subject: MOST pthc ultrashare LIKELY TO SUCCEED 2This is a fictional story. Perhaps somewhere, sometime it actually
happened. But I have no idea that it did. The story is about two young
males who love each other. If that offends you, then I feel really, really
sorry for you. And I guess that fact that the two males are related will
just drive you 'round the bend'. What a shame!For the rest of you, sit back and enjoy. For those who know my writings,
you know what to expect from me on this subject. For those of you who've
never read me before (write me and I'll give you a listing of all my
stories) you have no idea what pthc my brother to expect. That's the most fun of all!MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED
Part 2
by RimPig (c) 2002It was, despite pthc image board bbs
the doctor's comforting words, much more than a few days
before Brian was allowed to come home. In fact, it was several weeks before
that day arrived. Weeks of intensive physical therapy and tests. banja pthc Brian,
being a jock, attacked the physical therapy like he was getting ready for
the Super Bowl. They allowed me to be there with him for much of it. I
guess they thought that I could encourage him. He certainly didn't need
it. He elwebs,pthc pthc nvg
drove himself so hard that I overheard one of the physical
therapists talking to Brian's doctor one day, telling him that Brian had
accomplished in a couple of weeks what it took a normal patient months to
achieve. Of course, his youth and his already well-conditioned body helped
to make this possible. But it was the driving force of Brian's will that
was the real key. Brian had a goal - he wanted to go home!Brian was leaner than he had been, but his muscled still rippled under his
smooth skin. But muscled or not, it was so wonderful to see him walking
into our room again after so long. When he got home, the first thing that
Mom made him do was to lay down. Dad and I argued with her that she was
only going to keep him an invalid if she did that, but she was
adamant. Brian, in order to keep peace, willingly obeyed and so we were
alone in our room."I'm afraid Mom's going to be like that for a while." I told
Brian. "Somebody tried to kill her baby and she gone into 'protective
lioness mode' all of a sudden!""I don't mind. Notice that, as long as I went along, she left us
alone. That's all that I wanted." he said, looking at me with something in
his eyes I'd never seen before.If I didn't know better, I would swear it was desire. Sexual desire. But I
had to be crazy, because the only human in the room was me. And, surely,
Brian didn't desire me! At least I didn't think he did. But then he walked
over and locked our bedroom door. It had been so long since cp pthc paysite it had been
locked, pthc site password I'd forgotten there even was a lock on it. He turned and looked at
me.I sat on my bed, not know what the fuck was up. Or what the fuck was coming
next. Or what the fuck that look in Brian's eyes was all about. All I knew
was he continued to look at me and then he very slowly walked over to my
bed. He stood directly in front of me and I was shocked to notice that his
cock was tenting the right leg of his jeans. Brian was dark collection pthc hard!"Stand up, Chris." he said, his voice husky with emotion and desire. It was
not a request.I stood up facing him. He reached out and pulled me to him in a strong
embrace and then bent down and placed his lips gently against mine. I
pushed my lips against his and suddenly I felt his tongue licking at my
lower lip, begging for entrance to my mouth. Without thinking, I
surrendered myself to him, opening to his invading tongue. It was the
deepest, most passionate kiss I'd ever experienced. Hell! It was the only
deep kiss I'd ever experienced! I'd never kissed anyone like that in my
life.Brian held me in his arms and we kissed for what seemed like an eternity. I
reached my hands up around message board pthc bbs his neck and felt the steel-tight muscles of his
shoulders and neck. I was lost in the moment. I could feel my cock, hard
as granite, in my jeans pressing against the same hardness in Brian's jeans
and knew that the only thing that would make this moment better was if we
were both naked and our cocks could bbs board max pthc
touch each other without all this
fabric in the way.Finally, Brian pulled back but continued to hold me. He looked into my
eyes, which I'd finally opened once pthc lols lola
his lips left mine."If this isn't what you want, if this isn't what you meant when you told me
that you loved me, I'll stop now and we'll just have to act like this never
happened." Brian said quietly."Brian..." I had to take it slowly because I didn't want to blow this,
"this is exactly what I meant. But I didn't think there was any chance
that you could feel this way about me. Are you sure this is what you want?
I mean, you did have that bad head injury. Maybe things have other names for pthc
gotten a
little scrambled for a while?" I said, trying to give him a way out."Oh! You think I'm crazy?" he laughed. "No, Chris, I didn't start feeling
this way when I woke up from the coma. I've felt this way about you for a
very long time, as far back as I can remember. I just figured I had no
right to want you this way and I would warp you if I ever let you know how
I felt. But when you kept telling me how much you loved me, I suddenly
began to realize that there was a chance you felt the same way.""But what about all those girls you dated, all those cheerleaders?" I
asked."Cover. Pure and simple. Oh, sure, I fucked a few of them. But it was very
unsatisfying. With most of them, I had to think about you to even get my
cock illegal porn pthc
hard!" he admitted.I grinned at this. I was so incredibly moved to think that I was a
masturbation fantasy for Brian. God knows he was mine! To think that we
saw each other the same way! Until that moment, I never would have even
suspected that could be true. "I didn't want anyone to know that the person who really turned me on was
my own brother. For the longest time, I just figured it was a phase I'd
grow out of. Then I figured that I was a very sick pervert. That's when I
decided that I would pthc sex places holidays
try for the scholarship to Yale. I would have gone to
any college that offered me a scholarship just as long as it was at least a
thousand miles away from you." Brian admitted."Why? Why did you want to get away from me?" I asked, suddenly hurt that he
felt this way."Because I didn't want to hurt you! I didn't want to hurt myself! I didn't
want you to find out your brother was queer and wanted you! What if you
hadn't felt the same way? I couldn't take that chance." he hung his head."Have you ever been with another guy?" I asked, not able to look Brian in
the face when I did."Sure. pthc web sites I've been in circle jerks with guys from the team. You remember
Ronnie Baker, one of my running backs?" he asked."Sure." I said."Well, Ronnie and me free pthc photos
used to go to his house at least once a week and suck
each other's cocks. I puretop pthc traded blow photo pthc bbs angel jobs with a few of the other guys. You
know, when they'd get drunk and real horny so that they could do what they
really wanted to do and then lie to themselves the next day that they were
just drunk and weren't really 'queer'." Brian said with bitterness in his
voice. "But I didn't need to be drunk and I couldn't lie to myself. It was
what I wanted, it just wasn't with who I wanted." he said, looking
intensely into my eyes.I buried my face in his chest. I didn't want him to see the tears that were
filling my eyes and starting to slide down my face. All this time...all
this time wasted because we were so afraid to let each other know how we
really felt."Hey, Chris, what's with the tears? Did I say something wrong?" Brian
asked, concern filling his voice and feeling the wetness of where my tears
were wetting his T-shirt."I'm sorry. I'm just am so sorry we missed so much time together. And now
that we finally know the truth about how we feel about each other - you're
going away." I said through my tears."What do you mean, going away? I'm not going anywhere!" Brian said, taking
me by the shoulders and looking me in the face."But what about Yale?" I pointed out."What about it?" new s pthc fotos he asked."You have a scholarship." I reminded him."So? I just almost died, too! Do you think I can just go off to college
next month? Chris, the doctors were real clear with me. While I'm well
enough to be home, I'm not completely well yet. I have a lot of recovery
yet until I'm anywhere near what I was. And I may never be anywhere near
what I was again." he said, with the pain apparent in his voice."What do you mean? You're doing fine!" I argued."That's not what the tests they ran at the hospital said. There's been
brain damage, Chris. Their not sure how much yet. kid pthc I could gain a lot back
or not. We just have to see - and that will take time. I can't even think
about going to college until then. Fuck! You will probably be ready for
college before I am!" he said."You mean I'm not going to have to give you up?" I said, my face
brightening considerably."You couldn't get rid of me now if you tried!" he said, taking me in his
arms again and kissing me deeply.This time, the kiss didn't stop so soon. Instead, we began to use our hands
to explore each other's bodies. Bodies we had both watched and desired but
never touched. Now was our time to let our desires go and experience
everything we had been missing.I reached down and pulled the edge of Brian's T-shirt out of his jeans and
then slid my hands up inside of it until they were stoking the soft, smooth
skin on his back. When he felt me do this, he pushed me back slightly and
reached child lover real pthc down and began pulling at my T-shirt. I was obvious that our
clothes were definitely getting in the way. I pulled my hands out of his
shirt and pulled my own T-shirt off over my head. Brian did the same. We
then both started unbuttoning our jeans and continued until we were finally
standing before each other completely naked.Brian's body was incredibly beautiful. Leaner, more compact, but with
muscles now clearly outlined under his smooth, unblemished skin. I couldn't
help myself, I reached out and touched the smooth skin of his chest,
stroking across his pectoral muscles until I reached his incredibly tiny,
dime-sized nipples. I took hold of one and gently massaged it with my
fingertips. I heard Brian moan and I saw a long string of pre-cum drip from
his hard cock onto the floor. I looked up into his eyes."You are so beautiful. Do you know that?" I asked softly."I feel it when you tell me that I am." he replied."Then I will have to remind you every day." I promised."And I will remind you how beautiful you are to me."He reached out at pthc rane this point and began to stroked his hands down my body,
from my chest to my groin. Upon reaching my pubic hair, he gently grasp
hold of my hard cock and gave it a squeeze. I, too was leaking pre-cum
like crazy and this caused more of the viscous liquid to flow from my cock
until it was top pthc kiddy pussy dripping down Brian's hand.For just pthc fotki
a moment, he removed his hand and cp pthc bbs hussyfan brought his fingers to his
mouth, tasting my wetness. I watched as he smiled at the taste and then he
brought his fingers to my lips, offering me a taste of myself. It was a
taste I was thoroughly familiar with, having often licked pthc bbs board it from my own
hands. But this was so different. This was Brian, offering me a taste of
my body from his body. It was the most sensual thing I'd ever seen anyone
do."I think we'd be more comfortable in bed." Brian said quietly to me.Putting actions to words, Brian cgiworld dreamwiz board5 pthc lay back on his bed. He took my hand and
pulled me into it at the same time, wrapping his arms around me until we
lay facing each girl pthc wedding other, our cocks pressed against each other and my face
buried in his chest, licking the slightly salty taste of his skin. He
leaned down and I felt his tongue enter my ear, the warm wetness licking
deeply inside and the teeth gently nipping at my lobe. I moaned at the
feeling. I wondered how many more areas on my body was Brian going to find
that would have this effect on me. Up until this time, the only erogenous
zones I knew I had were all in my groin. Suddenly, my whole body was
apparently an erogenous zone! At least, when I was with Brian.I felt Brian push me onto my back and he moved to where his body was
resting on top of mine. He looked down at me and smiled. Then he began to
move down my body, using his tongue to trace a meandering path from my neck
to each of my nipples, which he sucked and chewed on for a while, causing
me to arch my back from the bed at the intensity of the feelings he was
evoking. He moved from there to my armpit. I heard him taking deep whiffs
of my scent. I was illegal fotos pthc amazed at this. I guess I thought I was the only one who
was turned on this way. I knew I loved the scent of Brian's body, now I
understood that he was in love with mine. He licked deep into my armpits
and the feeling of his wet magicboard pthc tongue about drove me out of my mind!Moving down my body, he licked at my abs and finally buried his nose in my
small puff of soft, blond pubic hair, again breathing deeply of my musky
groin. It was almost as if he was imprinting his memory with my scent so
that pthc web cam sex he would not have to see me to know where I was.Brian moved lower and got between my legs. He began to gently and slowly
move his tongue over my scrotum. I thought I would lose it right there!
Nothing had ever felt as good to me as Brian licking my balls! I groaned
and pushed my body up to his mouth to give him better access to me, but
Brian had other ideas. He pushed me back down on the bed and, instead,
lifted my legs until my cock, balls and ass were in plain view and easy
reach. He began licking my balls again but quickly moved down so that he
was licking the back of my scrotum and that patch of skin which separated
it from my ass.I was shocked when Brian moved on and the next thing I felt was his tongue
licking deep in the trench of my ass! This was something I had never
imagined anyone doing, even in my most intense masturbation fantasies. But
the feeling was so incredible that I began thrashing on the bed, unable to
take qqaazz pthc the intensity of it at first. Brian held me in his strong hands,
however, and soon I could feel pthc ftp his tongue parting the opening to my ass as
it pushed forward to lick deep inside me. It was the most intense, sexual
feeling I'd ever had. I suddenly felt a fetish pthc very strong desire for pthc vicky torrent something
that had previously scared me. As Brian continued to lick my hole, I knew I
wanted him to fuck me more than I wanted anything else in pthc forum bbs
the world.But the intensity of the feelings, and the fact that it had been a few days
since I had felt like jacking off, combined to make my orgasm draw closer
and closer. I cried out to Brian that I was going to cum and he immediately
withdrew his tongue from my ass and, moving up, grabbed my rigid cock and
buried it in his throat in one rapid movement.The feeling of the wetness and the sucking pressure of his warm throat
around my cock, set me off. I had no time to warn him. Almost the minute
that my cock entered Brian's throat, I began to cum. I shot load after load
of my creamy boy-spunk deep into his throat. I never had an orgasm like
this one. I felt like I was being turned inside out and my nuts were being
sucked out through my cock. And to my surprise, Brian sucked down pthc cp bs
drop of my load.As I began to come down from the bliss of my first orgasm with Brian, he
continued to gently nurse on my st petersburg pthc softening cock as if determined to draw
from my body every drop of cum which I had inside me. Finally, my cock
became too sensitive and I pulled it from Brian's sucking mouth. He looked
up at pthc cp link me and, for a moment, he looked like a little kid who I'd just stolen
candy from. But he looked me in the eyes and I saw the love and hunger in
him. Brian hadn't gotten off and now it was my turn to see that he did.I reached down and pulled him up until he was again laying beside me. I
began to imitate his lesson and began sucking his nipples before moving to
his armpits. He watched me as I took deep breaths of his musky, masculine
scent."You like the way I smell? You like my scent?" he asked me.I looked up and grinned."Fuck, yeah! I spent almost every night in your bed just so I could smell
your scent on the bed linens. I've always loved the way your smell,
Brian. I was always so glad when you would come home from a football game
and you hadn't had a chance to shower. The smell of your sweat drove me
nuts! I would jack off while you showered just from the lingering scent of
you in the room." I confessed."God, if I'd only known! I wouldn't have bothered with the shower! I would
just have let you use your preeteens pthc thumbs
tongue on me!" he grinned."And I would have loved it, too!" I gushed.I buried my face in his armpit again, this time using my tongue to taste
the salty musk that it held. Before I was ready to move on, both his
armpits were sopping wet with my saliva and no scent remained to be
found. I slid down the bed, searching for more. I wanted stronger scents
from Brian. I knew where to find them. I buried my face in his pubic hair
and breathed deeply. The smell of male rut was strong. I ignored his cock,
moving down until I could press my nose against his balls. His wrinkly sack
was drawn up tight to the base of his cock and I knew he needed to get off
soon. But I wasn't going to miss anything on this first tour of my
brother's magnificent body.I brought my nose close to his almost hairless scrotum and breath deeply of
the smell. I was surprised by it. I had taken the scent of my own nuts onto
my hand to smell before and Brian's scent was not too different than
mine. Just stronger. I gently licked his nuts and he began to moan. I
licked all around them, in the crease between his scrotum and his legs and
then finally moved down again to the skin leading to his ass.A more intense scent hit my nose at that point. A darker, richer male smell
of musk. Before Brian did it to me, I would never have thought of licking
his ass but now, it was all I wanted. As I began to trail my tongue into
the crease of his butt, Brian lifted his legs with his hands to give me
full access to his butt-trench. The scent of musk, sweat and something
indefinably 'Brian' tore through me like an electric current. Before I knew
what I was doing, I was frantically licking at his hole trying to force my
tongue inside. His dark rose pucker was no defense against my marauding
tongue. I pushed against it and it gave way. My tongue began to lick deep
up inside my brother. The very thought of actually having part of my body
inside his was incredible! I licked deeply, tasting pthc cp bbs dorki the dark tartness of
his inner ass. I was so intent on what pthc tgp young I was doing, that I was almost
completely unaware of how close to cumming Brian was. Finally I heard him."I'm gonna cum, Chris!" he moaned.I quickly left his butt and wrapped my lips around his throbbing cock. It
was bigger than mine, both in length and thickness but I managed to bury
most of it in my mouth in time for his first shot of cum began to cp pthc tgp
bathe the
inside of my mouth. It had been a long time since Brian had gotten off, and
the amount of his cum quickly overwhelmed me. I tried to swallow it all,
but I couldn't. Some of it pthc boy top list
dribbled down my chin and fell onto his
stomach. I tasted him and found his salty/sweet cum to be almost like mine,
just more intense in flavor. Well, we were brothers, after all!I nursed at his cock until his orgasm stopped. He yahoo briefcase pthc continued to have
'after-shocks' and I kept nursing on his cock until I knew that there was
no more of his essence to be had. I then licked up the few drops of his
precious fluid which had fallen on pedo pthc photo
his stomach. He pulled me back up into
his arms and kissed me deeply. I knew he could taste pthc r gold torrent
his ass and his cum in
my mouth as I could taste mine in his. We shared deeply of the tastes we
had gathered from each other's bodies.As we lay there in each other's pthc pics rapidshare arms, my cock was still throbbing. It
didn't take very long, despite his long illness, for Brian's to resurrect
as well. I looked up into his incredibly blue eyes and said something I
never thought I would hear myself say."I want you to fuck me, Brian.""Are you sure, Chris? Have you ever been pthc sex hard pics fucked?" he asked, some concern
showing on his face."Of course not! I've never had sex with youngest pthc
anybody else in my life pthc hussfan r ygold until
today! But I'm sure. I want you inside me. I want to feel you inside my
body, joined to me. I want you to take me completely." I begged."Chris, I don't want to hurt you and it does hurt the first time." he
warned me."I don't care! I want you to do it. Please!" I continued to implore him."If that's what you want, I would love to be the first man to fuck you." he
said tenderly."If I have my way, the only man to ever fuck me." I replied.He seemed startled at this. Then a warmth came into his eyes."Are you saying what I think you're saying, Chris? You're only 15. You
can't know what's going to happen in the future." he replied."And neither can you! I've loved you all my life. That isn't going to
change. There has never been anyone I wanted but you. Nothing is going to
change that, either!" I swore."And I feel the same way about you. You're all I've wanted. I know I can be
happy with you always. But, given the fact that I've nearly died, let's
take this one day at a time...hmm?" he asked."Ok. I guess you do have a point. But nothing's going to change. I know
that." I stubbornly insisted."And I hope you're right. I really do." he said softly."So are you going to fuck me or what?" I asked."Yes! You snotty brat. I'm going to fuck the ass right off you!" he
grinned. petersburg pthc "But first, I think I'll eat if off you!"Putting actions to words, he again moved to the foot of the pthc mixman bed and lifted
my legs until they were almost resting on my chest. This brought my ass
fully into his view and spread it open for easy access. Brian lowered his
head and I could feel his lips and tongue begin to gently suck and lick at
my hole. As he pushed against it, my sphincter loosened and Brian was able
to shove pthc small girl little his tongue inside me. The feeling was babypics pthc rompl
beyond belief. jenny pshc pthc Here was my
beautiful, jock brother shoving his tongue as far up my ass as he could get
and I was loving every second of it.Brian began to move his tongue in and out of my ass like he was fucking
it. I felt an 'itch' somewhere deep inside me for more. I pushed out with
my ass, pthc files
trying to get more and more of Brian's tongue inside. I wanted it
deeper. I wanted this to go on forever.Brian continued to fuck my ass with his tongue but at the same time, I felt
him begin to push his finger inside my hole as well. This was even better!
The feeling of Brian spreading my loosening ass along with the feeling of
his finger sliding deeper within me than his tongue could dark collection and pthc
reach was making
my cock drool all over my belly. And I hadn't even touched it!He then slid a second finger up inside me and I really felt my guts begin
to stretch out and relax. I loved the feeling of something deep inside me
from that very first time. Then Brian's fingers rubbed up against something
deep inside me which caused my cock to jump and send droplets of my pre-cum
to splatter against my belly. I almost came off the bed vertically from the
intense feeling and I felt like I was going to meaning of pthc
cum and second. I started
moaning.Brian, realizing that I was probably about to cum, pulled his fingers from
my ass and lowered my legs to the bed. I groaned in frustration but all he
did pedo pthc toplist
was go to his bedside table and get a tube of gel lubrication. He got
back into the pthc toplist 100 same position, raised my legs and asked me to hold them back
myself. I gladly complied.He squeezed some of the lube little model pthc
onto his fingers and began to lube my hole
with the cool gel. His fingers delivered more and more of the gel into the
inside of my hole and around the opening. Brian took pthc and bibcam boys his time with this
and before I was lubed to his satisfaction, he had three fingers working in
and out of my butt. He looked up from between my legs and smiled at me."Think you're about ready?" he asked."I've been ready forever!" I moaned, hot in my desire for him to mount me
and fuck my ass off, as he promised.Rather then getting up between my legs, Brian moved over and lay down next
to me on the bed. He took me in his arms and kissed me deeply. Then he
began to roll us over so that I was on top of him. It felt wonderful, but I
was confused."Aren't you going to fuck me?" I complained."No, actually, you're going to fuck yourself." he said, smiling at me."Fuck myself?" I asked, completely lost by this time."I want you to sit down on my cock while I lie here. That is the easiest
way pthc message board for you to take it. It will allow you to have complete control over how
deep and how fast my cock goes in you." Brian explained.He reached down and lubed his cock and held it straight up. I pthc lol
moved over it
so that my ass pucker rested on the tip of Brian's piss hole. I allowed my
body to drop slightly and the nose of Brian's cock began to push against my
lubed hole. But It wouldn't go in!"Try pushing out like you livedoor pthc pics did while I ate your ass, that will relax the
hole and let me get inside you." Brian explained, seeing my frustration.I did as he suggested and with a small push down, the head of his cock
popped inside my ass. Immediately my ass seized on it and I felt pain like
I had never dreamed possible! And I only had the head inside me! But as
soon as the pain came, it left and I could feel the inside of me begin to
relax. As I applied more pressure, more world pthc
of Brian's thick cock buried itself
in my butt. Before I knew it, I could feel Brian's pubic hairs tickling my
hole and I was resting on his hips, his cock completely buried inside me.When I finally hit bottom, Brian moaned and I futaba pthc image board
could feel his hips
involuntarily push up until the very last bit of his length was forced
inside me. I looked down and our eyes met. An intense moment of almost
psychic force seemed to go through both of us. We were one. I could feel
his cock throbbing with desire inside me and he could feel the gentle
muscular contractions in my ass nursing his erection. It felt as if the
intense connection between us flowed from our joined sexes to all parts of
our bodies.I reached down and began to pinch and pull at Brian's impossible small
nipples which had become hard pthc pic videos as bullets between my fingers. He moaned and
arched his back at my touch which caused his cock to pull a few inches out
of pthc kdv pjk litle pthc pedo pics
my ass. I quickly pushed down harder, forcing his hardness back inside
me and felt it rub against that part inside me which Brian had stroked to
produce such intense feelings in me. My own biz bbs pthc hardon was leaking pre-cum
which was flowing down my cock and dripping onto Brian's stomach.I let go of his nipples and began to move slowly up rules pthc and down on his cock,
like I was riding a merry-go-round horse. With each rise and fall, I
allowed pthcpics more pthc paysites and more of pthc kdquality
his cock to slip from my hole. And each thrust
downward became faster and harder as I experienced the incredible feelings
that only being fucked can bring. Brian, too, began to move his little pthc girls hips,
helping to pound pthc imgboard a hentai
his cock harder and harder up my asshole.Suddenly, Brian grabbed my thighs and stopped all our movements. I looked
down at him, frustration written on my face. He grinned up at me."Now that you're used to my cock, let's change positions so that I can fuck
you the way I've always dreamed about." Brian said, pthc chan board
his voice husky with
desire.I raised up off his erection. The emptiness inside of me almost made me cry
out at the loss. Only the promise that I would soon be filled with Brian
again made it bearable."Lay down on your back and raise your legs." Brian instructed me as he img pthc rose
up and moved towards the foot of the bed.I lay down on my back, my head on Brian's pillow. I pthc porn video
could feel the
sweat-wetness and the scent of him surrounding me as he raised my legs to
his muscular shoulders. He spit on his cock to restore pthc xxx toplist
the slickness of the
lube and then placed the head of his cock at the entrance to my body. He
smiled down at me as his hips snapped forward and his cock was buried to
the hilt inside of me in one lunge. I moaned at the feeling of fullness and
connection blueadult pthc
being restored. Once he was inside of me, Brian put his arms
inside my legs and slipped them off his shoulders to around his waist as he
leaned down and rested above me on his knees and elbows.With his body covering mine, Brian leaned down and kissed me. His tongue
took possession of my mouth as his cock had take pthc girls possession of my body. I
could feel the sweat dripping from him onto me and I could smell his scent,
scent and the scent of male sex and rut surrounding us. \He began to slowly pump his hips, drawing his hardness in and out of my
body in a slow rhythm. My cock was now leaking profusely and rubbing up
against Brian's hard abs. My arms were around his neck and my mouth was
sucking desperately on his tongue.I have no idea how long he fucked me. It felt like a few moments and
forever at the same time. I knew I never wanted it to end, but as he began
to pump harder and harder into me, I knew that he was quickly reaching the
point of no return. My own orgasm was only moments away, though I had not
touched my cock and was trying desperately not to cum and end these
exquisite feelings. Brian's face was buried between my neck and shoulder
and as he got closer to orgasm, his teeth latched onto my skin and he began
to bite and suck me at the free image hosting pthc same time. The sharp pain of his teeth did not
hurt so much as stimulate. I began crying out in ecstacy as my vicky pthc suck
cock spewed
it's load of cum between us."Oh, God! Brian! I love you! I'm cumming!!!" I cried as I could hear him
begin to moan deeply.I felt his cock begin to throb and he slammed it one last time as deeply
into my ass as he could and then I felt the muscular seizures as his cock
shot his load deep inside my body. I could feel at least ten blasts of his
body's nectar before he collapsed on top of me, sweaty and exhausted. I
held him in my arms, allowing our body fluids - his sweat, my sweat and my
cum - mingle peterburg video pthc
and seal our bodies to one another. I reached up and gently
stroked his muscular back pthc children and leaned my head forward to lick and taste all
of his sweat that I could reach.After a while, his cock still mostly hard and buried in my ass, Brian
raised his head and looked down at me. His face was flushed red and sweat
dripped from his face and hair. He was a sweaty mess but more beautiful
than I can ever remember pthc bbs kdz toplist seeing him. He kissed the tip of my nose and then
gently kissed just my lips."I never dreamed it could be this way. I knew I loved you, I knew pic pthc virginz ygold I wanted
you, but I had no idea how much until now. Nothing I ever did before
prepared me for this." Brian said to me."So, you want to do it again?" I grinned at him."Again and again and again. But I have to rest first. I don't think I can
even get up off this bed to take a shower!" he laughed."Don't you fucking dare take a shower!" I said in mock fierceness. "I just
got you the way I want you! Nice and sweaty and musky! Don't you dare fuck
it up!""My only fear is Mom or Dad coming in here and smelling us. There would be
no doubt about what we've been up tori pthc
to." he grinned."I don't think that's about to happen. I have this really funny feeling
that they already guess what might be going on." I said."Why do you think that?" he asked, turning serious."Oh, just some little hints that Dad has been dropping lately." I said."Like what?" he said, curiosity filling his voice.I told him about the night in the hospital when he had come out of the coma
and what Dad has whispered to me pthc bbs model before he left. Brian agreed that Dad's
choice of words were strange. Especially the part about Brian coming out of
the coma because of my loving him. We both wondered how much Dad had been
able to figure out. If he did have suspicions about our loving each other,
he'd shown no anger or animosity towards the idea. We'd just pthc up skirt
have to wait
and see.Brian's cock finally went soft and gently slipped from my ass. We rolled
over on our sides but Brian insisted that I put my back to him so that he
could wrap me in his arms the way he used to do when I was little and would
crawl in bed with him. He told me he had never wanted me to stop but that
he was afraid that having me sleep with him would have caused him to have
sex with me. That's why, he said, that he had stopped our mutual jack-off
sessions as well. So afraid of what he felt for me and so afraid that he
would communicate to me how he really felt.Our love for one another was so obvious, the only reason that we never saw
it in each other is that we each were too busy trying to hide pthc big cock
it from each
other. Now, none of that mattered anymore. We were together. We were in
love. And we knew that nothing was going to get in the way of that.As I fell asleep, I could feel Brian's warmth pthc r ygold surrounding me and his scent
filled me with twinges of pleasure. I could feel his soft cock pressing
against my ass as he spooned his body around mine. And I wondered, how long
would it stay soft in that position? Not very long, young anal pthc vid I bet. And it was a bet
I knew I'd win.End of Part 2Ok, there's the part most of you wanted. Where do we go from here? You'll
have to wait for me cp forum pthc to post the next installment of the story. Don't
worry. I won't keep you waiting.If you liked the story, write to me at PLEASE: Remember
to tell me the name of the story! I have a pthc of 16 years
lot of stories on NIFTY in a lot
of different sections, so it's really hard for me to know childporn cp pthc bbs
which of them
you're writing about.Flames will be ignored as will story suggestions. By the time you read
this, the whole story will have already been written. If you have story
ideas, why don't you take the plunge and try writing yourself. If you need
help, I'll be glad to assist. Write me about it.If you did like my story, please consider making a donation to NIFTY to
keep this site free and accessible.Thank you.RimPig

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